martes, 14 de marzo de 2017


You may wonder what's all the fuzz about this #AMLO character after his recent visit to #NYC and the #viral video scene among the news.

The first thing you should know is that the man in the car, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, is a well renowned politician in #México, who has twice failed to become President because of a fraud designed in the oligarch sphere, according to him and his supporters. He also intends to run for President in the election of 2018. The elections he claims to have lost because of fraud, were against the current and the former presidents of México. In his speech, they represent the decay of an unfair system which should be replaced.
The next thing you should know, and this is where the story becomes tricky, is that a few years ago, as a sign of the increasing rate of violence in México, José Luis Abarca the Mayor of #Iguala, Guerrero, instructed the Police to “take out” a group of students who were in town to boicot a social event her wife was hosting. Since investigations have been shady, the only pieces of data available are that several corpses were found around the scene where the bus the students were riding was attacked. Some of them were passerbys, some were players of the Avispones football team, whose bus was around and got confused with the target. Some were students from the “Isidro Burgos” Normal school in a small town a few hours south from Iguala named #Ayotzinapa. Some of them had been tortured. Some had their faces ripped off [click to see picture; warning: strong footage ahead]. Fourty-three of them are missing. Apparently (officialy), they were handled to a group of local cartel gunmen, then taken to a dump, where they were executed, burnt to ashes and thrown into a river.
The pigsty of an investigations revealed nothing but a single-purposed intention to confuse and lead nowhere. Even as disappearing people has been historically a technique the mexican governmen uses to attack this sort of student organization, there's usually no evidence left (ditto for such a raw and media-heist-y stamp). So all we can know is that most of the government office involved in the case coluded to mislead the people from knowing about this case. That includes the President of México, Enrique Peña Nieto, who waited about 10 days before even making any comment on the case. By then, former Mayor José Luis Abarca and his wife had run from Guerrero. They were apprehended a few weeks later in Mexico City, on a televised police maneuver where the suspects were waiting in their bedrooms, awake and fully dressed at 2 am. Since they were imprisoned, the government has shut the case and left it aside, though the parents of the missing and killed students claim the “historic truth” to be a lie.
Now, all this figures in a classic right-left scheme: the right-winged President would wrestle against a left-winged politician; a right-winged politician would hide his buddy's tracks in a public mass murder against a specific group of people because of their political tendencies. However, the video currently circling on the news shows one of the parents from the missing students questioning the left-winged politician. Aren't they supposed to support each other?
A fact I intentionally hadn't point out yet (just to keep it interesting) is that Iguala's former Mayor, José Luis Abarca, belonged to the leftist party PRD, as AMLO did. Actually, as part of the media war fought back then, a picture of AMLO and Abarca was shown around to point out, in a party-conception of politics, whose' fault was the students' situation.

 Currently, AMLO runs a different party named Morena, a siglonym for “National Regeneration Movement”. However, and this is where the video becomes relevant, back in 1995 seventeen people were killed in Aguas Blancas, Guerrero by State Policemen, and because of this, former Governor of Guerrero, Rubén Figueroa Alcocer, resigned. Then interin Governor Ángel Aguirre, after exonerating former Governor from the mass murder, was suspected to have gotten killed two more students from the same Normal school, from Ayotzinapa. All this from alleged leftist party people. And back then, AMLO was a soaring party-member too.
What the man in blue walking next to the car has been identified as Antonio Tizapa Legideño, a parent of the missing students, and can be seen in the video questioning him about the killings that occurred back then and his closeness to the people involved. However, AMLO tells him to shut up and refuses to make comments.
We should note that this man is not the official spokesman for the parents of the missing students, who hasn't made any declarations.
What we're trying to foresee is if the Mexican party system is (or isn't) a seven-headed monster: all necks belong to the same creature, and if so, what sort of change could AMLO's left-winged politics bring upon the current status quo?